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Journey into Madness: Building My Site

My name is Kerwin Siméus and I’m in the process of building a website. Well, more than one website.

Let me first start off by saying that I absolutely despise web design. Not because I think it’s terrible, but because the over complexity of the process is way too intimidating. That being said, I have total respect for anyone and everyone out there who has the knowledge and talent required to produce even the most basic of web pages.

So why am I building a website? Because I want a portfolio. A better portfolio.  As an artist, I’ve dealt with pre-made, free-template sites, and while they do a pretty decent job of hosting my images, they don’t entirely represent me. I want to create something that better reflects my personality, and something that presents my work in a much better fashion.

And another reason is that my employers really need two websites done (soon) and I wanna be able to help them out, because I really believe in them and their company.

I can only get better by learning this stuff, so I invite you to follow me on my Journey into Madness.

I’ll try to update this as often as possible, including my weekly (or daily, or whenever-the-hell-I-feel-like-it) frustration and my weekly (or daily) success (where I detail significant things that I’ve learned. I’m actually in the process of working through a WordPress tutorial right this moment, so  I’m not completely stuck right now. I’ll also be providing links to the pages I’ve gone to for said tutorials and any tools I’ve used along the way. So that means photos and angry faces.


Frustration: Just stay away. My job’s current sites are being hosted by these guys, and just hopping in to transfer our domain is such a hassle with them. Out of the 6+ people I spoke with only 2 were actually helpful. Not to mention the way their email works is beyond terrible. Hopefully they get those things ironed out at some point after we move hosts and domain registrars.

Success: Awesome customer service. Yesterday I decided to host my website with them. They actually called me up this afternoon to see how I was doing. I explained to them that this is my first true foray into web design and they were awesome with the tips they provided. Helped me understand how to use FileZilla. Glad I linked up with them, and my bosses are probably going that route as well.

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