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Journey into Madness: Themes on Themes on Themes

It’s about 2:30am and I find myself bit more comfortable using WordPress. I’ve been in front of the computer for hours fiddling around with it, and I wish I would’ve done this a long time ago. So after setting up my pages and whatnot (well, page, since I only really did a blog page) I decided to check out themes.

I spent a lot of time at work today checking out recommended themes for creative portfolios, and I came to the realization that I’m gonna have to cough up some dough for something that I really like. And….I purchased the theme that I’m (hopefully still) using now.

Omm theme by Onioneye

Omm theme by Onioneye

Clean, responsive, and elegant. I really love the layout and I like this lets the portfolio take center stage. I just hope my work can do it justice.

So WordPress, WordPress, yadda yadda yadda. I don’t want to limit myself to using CMS. I do have experience (although limited) coding HTML and CSS, and I want to jump back in. I know I’ve previously stated in my last post that I hate web design, but by forcing myself to be immersed in it, I’ve gained a new interest. So last night I hopped on Amazon and placed an order, and at 8am this arrived:

HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett

HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett

I haven’t cracked it open and really read it, but I’ve flipped through the pages while at work today. Looks like it’ll be a great resource. A buddy of mine who’s a Digital Marketing Manager at my old job recommended it, so I went and got it. I’ll see what it’s all about tomorrow.

I’m really enjoying my time putting together my new portfolio, and I’m excited that I’m excited about web design again. You can only get better by learning more.


Success: onioneye Go check out this person’s themes. I really love them. Turns out another friend of mine in Toronto uses one of their themes as well, and I can see why. I expect to use this for a while, so I made sure get a responsive WordPress theme, since things are shifting that way. My opinion on that is for another day though.

Amazing WP theme developer. I bought my first theme from them.

Bought my theme from this awesome person!

Success: Whether it’s movies or books, you guys are fast as fudge. And by fudge my mean fudge. Because chocolate is really fast.

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