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Journey Into Madness: It’s Been a Long Time and E-commerce

It’s been a long time, and…now I remember why I dislike web design. Try as I might, it’s just not my thing. Sounds like a silly reason to pretty much give up, but that’s my reason. I’ve learned a ton in the past few months, but unfortunately it’s nothing I find truly fascinating. Now before I go on, I don’t want to belittle web design altogether. I absolutely love, respect, and admire the work that talented web designers create. I love it. However I dislike doing it myself. For example: as a two-dimensional artist, I love three dimensional art, but I despise creating it. It’s not my thing, but I will try my hardest to deal with the work given to me at the moment. Anywho. Let’s talk about what I’ve been up to.

I built my bosses a website. A pretty simple WordPress site for their business that’s getting a serious upgrade soon as we move to a different host (finally). The site was never meant to be extravagant but merely functional since we planned on leaving Network Solutions. No problems with this one (that I know of).

Now let’s get into what I’m currently dealing with. I’m building (or managing) an e-commerce site for my boss’s fashion line. I had no experience dealing with e-commerce aside from working alongside a former colleague and friend of mine, James B. Phillips.




He was the Digital Marketing Manager at my last job and built his company’s e-commerce site from scratch. It’s performing very well, so props to James. I really learned a lot from him (including basic coding; we were interns together in college) about SEO, Google Analytics, and all other sorts of e-commerce stuff that’s slipping my mind at the moment.

Being a beginner and still having some fun figuring out WordPress, I decided to stay in that realm. I was advised as a beginner creating an e-commerce site for a small business that I should probably work with WooCommerce, and e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Even though there are a bunch of paid add-ons (which I find to be the same as free-to-play microtransactions) I found it incredibly intuitive, and decided to search out a theme I could work with. That theme is known as Flatsome by UX Themes.

Flatsome Theme by UX Themes

Flatsome Theme by UX Themes


It’s a very clean and customizable theme that has some pretty sick features. It supports full-width parallax banners and animated type and divs, and look and feel can be altered easily through the customize menu. So far I’m loving it. It’s a very image focused theme, so I’m in the process of having my boss get some photo shoots done in order to have more imagery to play with. With new products on the way for spring, I’m hoping to have this thing up and running by January with no hiccups.

*crosses fingers*


Success: WooCommerce Big thanks for making this e-commerce experience (so far) a fun and easy to learn adventure. There are sure to be lots of difficulties ahead, but I’m glad I got this portion locked down for the foreseeable future.

Frustration: Web Design I just want to work on something else for a while. I can’t look at letters and numbers on the screen for too long or else I feel drained. Luckily in the past two weeks I had the chance to work on some product development and branding that gave me a much needed break.

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