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Get to Work: Drawing Again

Recently I was hanging with a good  friend and colleague of mine, Thanh Hoang. It was a sunday, and we decided that instead of obsessing over which NFL teams were destroying each other we would just take some time out to draw and work on individual projects. I mentioned to her that I didn’t really have anything going on at the moment, so she suggested I enter an online contest. I decided to illustrate something, but no matter what I tried, nothing would come out.

Now, I may not be the best artist in the world, or even in my city, but I’m okay. What I couldn’t do was let whatever I had in my mind at the moment flow onto the page. All I could think about was the finished result, and what I needed to do to reach that result. I turned over to Thanh and said “I don’t know what to draw.” She suggested that I doodle a bit. About a minute passed and gripping my pencil frustratingly, turned to her again and said “I don’t know how to doodle.” A bit baffled by what I meant, she pretty much asked what the hell I meant by not knowing how to doodle. I explained to her that in the past year I haven’t drawn nearly as much as I have in the past, and that any sort of drawing I’ve done was with a purpose of producing a final, presentable piece.

Now you might be saying “But Kerwin, your website clearly says you’re a doodler. You LIAR. YOU PHONY.”



Yeah, yeah. I hear you. But in that moment, I couldn’t just blurt out whatever I felt onto the page. I’ve become, in the past year, so preoccupied with final results (and this might be because of the nature of my work, which hasn’t involved direct illustration as much as I’d like) that I rarely devote time to what I like to call reckless drawings, or drawings for the sake of drawing. Back in college, I could fill up a 8 x 5.5 black book in a matter of weeks, and now I haven’t the slightest idea of what I even want to make.

Anyway, I need to get back to drawing more frequently. For the next month, leading up to my birthday, I’ll be posting new doodles based on this 30 Day Design Challenge.


There are more than 30 Days leading up to my birthday, so I’m giving myself some cushioning. Wish me luck.

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